Holistic Reflexology

60 minutes | £60

pedicure botanicals bakewell

Experience true rejuvenation with Reflexology at Botanicals Bakewell. Reflexology is an ancient touch therapy which uses gentle pressure on specific points of the feet to bring about a state of relaxation, alleviate stress and promote the body’s own healing process.

Holistic Reflexology at Botanicals Bakewell is particularly beneficial for boosting the immune system, increasing circulation and cleansing toxins from the body, whilst helping alleviate mental concerns such as stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

As part of the 60 minute ritual, your feet will be soaked in a comforting Himalayan mineral bath infused with essential oils. This aids relaxation and prepares the feet for their treatment.

During the soaking ritual, our experienced and empathic reflexologist Libby will discuss any areas of concern and craft a bespoke treatment to address your personal needs.

For more information regarding our bookings and cancellation policy, please view our terms and conditions here.

    Holistic Hand Reflexology

    45 minutes | £40

    pedicure botanicals bakewell

    Experience Hand Reflexology at Botanicals Bakewell, a 45 minute journey that brings deep relaxation, stress reduction and a healing touch to your hands. Just like our renowned foot reflexology, this treatment applies gentle pressure to specific hand points, activating your body’s natural healing abilities.

    Your treatment begins with a luxurious soaking ritual in Himalayan mineral crystals infused with aromatic essential oils, setting the stage for a nurturing hand reflexology session. During the soaking ritual, our empathetic reflexologist Libby will listen to your concerns and discuss any areas of discomfort. Libby then crafts a tailored hand reflexology treatment to address your unique needs.

    This condensed escape allows you to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Experience the calming touch of Hand Reflexology at Botanicals Bakewell, where relaxation, balance and renewal await in just 45 minutes.

    For more information regarding our bookings and cancellation policy, please view our terms and conditions here.

      What a find! A totally lovely and restorative experience. Thank you Libby for your expert touch and providing exactly the massage I needed. You got the balance, tone, ambiance just right for me. I felt truly looked after. I’m so pleased I came across this place, intuitive people and gorgeous products. Hope its not too long before I can revisit the area and would definitely come again for the 90 min massage. I don’t usually write reviews , but I thoroughly recommend Libby at botanicals in Bakewell. Your effort, time and skill was much appreciated.


      I reached a very deep state of relaxation thanks to Libby’s reflexology today. Having complained of bad aches and pains which effect my mobility and sleeping, I am happy to say they have significantly improved. Long may that last! She observed that I had very dry parched feet and I confirmed that my water intake was not adequate of late. Sips throughout the day do the trick, I was advised, not a whole pint in one go with hours in between as it goes straight through you with no time for your body to absorb it. Thank you Libby!