Botanicals Body Polish Ritual

60 minutes | £65

90 minutes | £97.50 £88

Experience organic decadence and rediscover your natural glow with Botanicals Body Polish Ritual. This rejuvenating treatment awakens the senses and exfoliates your whole body with a stimulating buff, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Choose between two expertly tailored blends:

Revitalising Body Polish detoxifies the skin, stimulates circulation and buffs away dullness. Your treatment incorporates a whole body massage with lemongrass infused organic sugar body polish, which is gently removed with hot towels. This is seamlessly followed by the softening embrace of organic body lotion, infused with the invigorating fragrance of lemongrass and mandarin essential oils.

Alternatively, opt for the luxurious Timeless Rose Age Confidence Body Polish, rejuvenating tired, lacklustre skin with the soothing floral scent of organic essential oils. Himalayan crystal salt and raw cane sugar delicately remove dead skin cells, revealing fresher, younger-looking skin. Your treatment is completed with the application of a rich nourishing body lotion infused with the enchanting aroma of rose geranium and wild rose, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and blissfully cared for.

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Take your experience to the next level by choosing the 90 minute Coconut Cocoon option, which dramatically enhances skin health and appearance, through ultimate nourishment and hydration

Botanicals Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes | £70

Experience the rejuvenating power of our a Deep Tissue Massage at Botanicals Bakewell. Whether you seek relief from muscle tension or are in need of a revitalising wellness boost, our skilled therapists are here to provide you with a deeply therapeutic experience.

At Botanicals Bakewell, we believe in tailoring every massage to meet the unique needs of our guests, so before your treatment begins you’ll be guided through a consultation to identify your specific requirements, ensuring a customised treatment that addresses your individual concerns.

Botanicals Deep Tissue Massage is designed to target deep-seated tension, release stubborn knots and promote muscle flexibility. This specialised technique is perfect for those seeking relief from chronic muscle discomfort or stress-related tension.

While our expert therapists work to soothe your aching muscles, you’ll enjoy the benefits of organic aromatherapy oils carefully selected to enhance your massage experience. These soothing scents are curated to elevate your sense of relaxation and inner harmony.

Whether you’re looking to alleviate muscle tension or in need an overall wellness boost, a Deep Tissue Massage at Botanicals Bakewell will rejuvenate your body and promote vitality. Experience a tailored massage that delivers a profound sense of wellbeing and relief.

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Botanicals Hot Stones Aromatherapy Massage

60 minutes | £70

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with an ancient thermal massage experience at Botanicals Bakewell. Your skilled therapist combines the soothing warmth of heated stones with the balancing synergy of organic aromatic oils to create a truly rejuvenating experience for both body and mind.

Before your treatment begins, we’ll engage your senses by selecting the perfect blend of aromatherapy oils for your personal needs. As you lie back and unwind, the gentle heat from the hot stones will penetrate deep into your muscles, melting away tension and stress.

Our specialised massage techniques coupled with the comforting touch of heated stones work in harmony to restore your body’s natural energy. The aromatic scents will guide you into a state of profound relaxation, allowing you to achieve inner balance and tranquility.

Whether you’re seeking some time out for pure relaxation or looking to rejuvenate and recover, our Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage at Botanicals Bakewell will invigorate your overall wellbeing, promoting health and vitality. Experience the perfect fusion of soothing warmth and aromatic bliss for the ultimate holistic indulgence.

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